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# Corresponding author

* Equally contributed

Selected Publications

Artificial Neural Tactile Sensing System, S. Chun et al., Nature Electronics 4 (6), 429-438, June 2021.

Adaptive and Multifunctional Hydrogel Hybrid Probes for Long-Term Sensing and Modulation of Neural Activity, 

Park et al., Nature Communications 12 (1), 3435, June 2021.


Functional Skeletal Muscle Regeneration with Thermally Drawn Porous Fibers and Reprogrammed Muscle Progenitors for Volumetric Muscle Injury, Y. Jin et al., Advanced Materials 33 (14), 2007946, Fabruary 2021.

Flexible and Stretchable Nanowire-Coated Fibers for Optoelectronic Probing of Spinal Cord Circuits, C. Lu et al., Science Advances 3 (3), e1600955, March 2017.

One-Step Optogenetics with Multifunctional Flexible Polymer Fibers, S. Park et al., Nature Neuroscience 20 (4),

612-619, fabruary 2017.

All Publications


33. Ultra-soft and highly stretchable tissue-adhesive hydrogel based multifunctional implantable sensor for monitoring of overactive bladder

Byungkook Oh*, Young-Soo Lim*, Kun Woo Ko, Hyeonyeob Seo, Dong Jun Kim, Dukyoo Kong, Jae Min You, Hansoul Kim. Taek-Soo Kim. Seongjun Park, Dong-Soo Kwon, Joon Chae Na, Woong Kyu Han, Sung-Min Park, Steve Park#

Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 115060, Jan 4 (2023).


32. Seamless Capacitive Body Channel Wireless Power Transmission Toward Freely Moving Multiple Animals in an Animal Cage

Yonghee Chang, Juntae Jang, Jaeouk Cho, Jingu Lee, Yeonzu Son, Seongjun Park, Chul Kim#

IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems, 16 (4), 714-725, Aug 17 (2022).

31. Optical Fiber Sensors: Working Principle, Applications, and Limitations

Mohamed Elsherif#, Ahmed E. Salih, Monserrat Gutierrez Munoz, Fahad Alam, Bader AlQattan, Dennyson Savariraj Antonysamy, Mohamed Fawzi Zaki, Ali K. Yetisen, Seongjun Park, Timothy D. Wilkinson, Haider Butt#

Advanced Photonics Research, 3 (11), 202100371, July 13 (2022).

30. Personalized electronic tattoo for healthcare realized by on-the-spot assembly of intrinsically conductive and durable liquid-metal-composite

Gun-Hee Lee*, Heejin Woo*, Chanwoong Yoon, Congqi Yang, Jae-Young Bae, Wonsik Kim, Do Hoon Lee, Heemin Kang, Seungmin Han, Seung-Kyun Kang, Seongjun Park, Hyung-Ryong Kim#, Jae-Woong Jeong#, and Steve Park#

Advanced Materials, 34 (32), 2204159, June 14 (2022).

29. Nanostructured Photonic Hydrogels for Real-Time Alcohol Detection

Israr Ahmed, Mohamed Elsherif, Seongjun Park, Ali K. Yetisen, Haider Butt#

ACS Applied Nano Materials, 5 (6), 7744-7753, May 27 (2022).

28. Rapid meniscus-guided printing of stable semi-solid-state liquid metal microgranular-particle for soft electronics

Gun-Hee Lee*, Ye RIm Lee*, Hanul Kim, Do A Kwon, Hyeonji Kim, Congqi Yang, Siyoung Choi, Seongjun Park, Jae-Woong Jeong#, Steve Park#

Nature Communications, 13 (1), 2643, May 12 (2022).

27. The Preference for Sugar over Sweetener Depends on a Gut Sensor Cell

Kelly L. Buchanan*, Laura E. Rupprecht*, M. Maya Kaelberer*, Atharva Sahasrabudhe, Marguerita E. Klein, Jorge Villalobos, Winston W. Liu, Annabelle Yang, Justin Gelman, Seongjun Park, Polina Anikeeva, Diego V. Bohórquez#

Nature Neuroscience, 25 (2), 191-200, January 13 (2022).


26. Recent Advances in Recording and Modulation Technologies for Next-generation Neural Interfaces

Ji-won Hong*, Chanwoong Yoon*, Kyunghyun Jo*, Joon Hee Won, Seongjun Park#

iScience 24 (12), 103550, December 17 (2021).

25. Nanomaterials-assisted Thermally Induced Neuromodulation

Congqi Yang, Seongjun Park#

Biomedical Engineering Letters 11, 163-170, June 11 (2021).

24. Adaptive and Multifunctional Hydrogel Hybrid Probes for Long-Term Sensing and Modulation of Neural Activity

Seongjun Park*, Hyunwoo Yuk*, Ruike Zhao, Yeong Shin Yim, Eyob Woldeghebriel, Jeewoo Kang, Andres Canales, Yoel Fink, Gloria Choi, Xuanhe Zhao#, Polina Anikeeva#

Nature Communications 12 (1), 3435. June 08 (2021).

23. Artificial Neural Tactile Sensing System

Sungwoo Chun*#, Jong-Seok Kim*, Yongsang Yoo, Youngin Choi, Sung Jun Jung, Dongpyo Jang, Gwangyeob Lee, Kang-Il Song, Kum Seok Nam, Inchan Youn, Donghee Son, Changhyun Pang, Yong Jeong, Hachul Jung, Young-Jin Kim, Byong-Deok Choi, Jaehun Kim, Sung-Phil Kim, Wanjun Park, Seongjun Park#

Nature Electronics 4 (6), 429-438, June 03 (2021).

22. Computational and Histological Analyses for Investigating Mechanical Interaction of Thermally Drawn Fiber Implants with Brain Tissue

Kanghyeon Kim*, Changhoon Sung*, Jungjoon Lee, Joonhee Won, Woojin Jeon, Seungbeom Seo, Kyungho Yoon#, Seongjun Park#

Micromachines 12 (4), 394, April 02 (2021).

21. Fiber-Based Electrochemical Biosensors for Monitoring pH and Transient Neurometabolic Lactate

Marsilea A. Booth, Sally A. N. Gowers, Melinda Hersey, Isabelle C. Samper, Seongjun Park, Polina Anikeeva, Parastoo Hashemi, Molly M. Stevens#, Martyn G. Boutellea#

Analytical Chemistry 93 (17), 6646-6655, April 02 (2021).


20. Functional Skeletal Muscle Regeneration with Thermally Drawn Porous Fibers and Reprogrammed Muscle Progenitors for Volumetric Muscle Injury

Yoonhee Jin*, Dena Shahriari*, Eun Je Jeon*, Seongjun Park*, Yi Sun Choi, Jonghyeok Back, Hyungsuk Lee, Polina Anikeeva#, Seung-Woo Cho#

Advanced Materials 33 (14), 2007946, February 19 (2021).

19. 3D Printed Contact Lenses

Fahad Alam, Mohamed Elsherif, Bader AlQattan, Ahmed Salih, Sung Mun Lee, Ali K. Yetisen, Seongjun Park, Hadier Butt#

ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering 7 (2), 794-803, January 19 (2021).

18. Fiber-Based Sensors and Energy Systems for Wearable Electronics

Jungjoon Lee*, Sungha Jeon*, Hyeonyeob Seo*, Jung Tae Lee, Seongjun Park#

Applied Sciences 11 (2), 531, January 07 (2021).


17. Prospects for Additive Manufacturing in Contact Lens Devices

Fahad Alam, Mohamed Elsherif, Bader AlQattan, Murad Ali, Israr Muhammad Gulzar Ahmed, Ahmed Salih, Dennyson Savariraj Antonysamy Ali K. Yetisen, Seongjun Park, Haider Butt#

Advanced Engineering Materials 23 (1), 2000941, September 07 (2020).

16. Magnetothermal Multiplexing for Selective Remote Control of Cell Signaling

Junsang MoonMichael G. Christiansen, Siyuan Rao, Colin Marcus, David C. Bono, Dekel Rosenfeld, Danijela Gregurec, Georgios Varnavides, Po‐Han Chiang, Seongjun Park, Polina Anikeeva#

Advanced Functional Materials 30 (36), 2000577, July 10 (2020).

15. Multimaterial and Multifunctional Neural Interfaces: From Surface-type and Implantable Electrodes to Fiber-based Devices

Changhoon Sung*, Woojin Jeon*, Kum Seok Nam*, Yeji Kim*, Haider Butt, Seongjun Park#

Journal of Materials Chemistry B 8 (31), 6624-6666, June 12 (2020).

14. Surface Modification and Cytotoxicity of Mg-based Bio-alloys: An Overview of Recent Advances

Murad Ali, Mohamed Elsherif, Ahmed E. Salih, Anwar Ul-Hamid, M. A. Hussein, Seongjun Park, Ali K. Yetisen, Haider Butt#

Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 825, 154140, June 05 (2020).

13. Healthcare Applications of pH-Sensitive Hydrogel-Based Devices: A Review

Asail Hendi, Muhammad U. Hassan, Mohamed Elsherif, Bader Alqattan, Seongjun Park, Ali K. Yetisen, Haider Butt#

International Journal of Nanomedicine, 15, 3887-3901, June 02 (2020).


12. Electronic Skin: Recent Progress and Future Prospects for Skin‐Attachable Devices for Health Monitoring, Robotics, and Prosthetics

Jun Chang Yang, Jaewan Mun, Se Young Kwon, Seongjun Park, Zhenan Bao#, Steve Park#

Advanced Materials 31 (48), 1904765, September 19 (2019).

Before KAIST (~2019)

11. Remotely Controlled Chemomagnetic Modulation of Targeted Neural Circuits

Siyuan Rao, Ritchie Chen, Ava A. LaRocca, Micahel G. Christiansen, Alexander W. Senko, Cindy H. Shi, Po-Han Chiang, Georgios Varnavides, Jian Xue, Yang Zhou, Seongjun Park, Ruihua Ding, Junsang Moon, Guoping Feng, Polina Anikeeva#

Nature Nanotechnology 14 (10), 967-973, August 19 (2019).

10. Scalable Fabrication of Porous Microchannel Nerve Guidance Scaffolds with Complex Geometries

Dena Shahriari, Gabriel Loke, Ian Tafel, Seongjun Park, Po-Han Chiang, Yoel Fink, Polina Anikeeva#

Advanced Materials 31 (30), 1902021, June 06 (2019).

9. Flexible Fiber-Based Optoelectronics for Neural Interfaces

Seongjun Park, Gabriel Loke, Yoel Fink, Polina Anikeeva#

Chemical Society Reviews 48 (6), 1826-1852, February 28 (2019).

8. Silicon Biointerfaces for All Scales

Seongjun Park, James A. Frank, Polina Anikeeva#

Nature Biomedical Engineering 2 (7), 471-472, July 11 (2018).

7. Optogenetic Entrainment of Neural Oscillations with Hybrid Fiber Probes

Antje Kilias*, Andres Canales*, Ulrich P. Froriep*, Seongjun Park, Ulrich Egert, Polina Anikeeva#

Journal of Neural Engineering 15 (5), 056006, July 11 (2018).

6. Multifunctional Fibers as Tools for Neuroscience and Neuroengineering
Andres Canales*, Seongjun Park*, Antje Kilias* & Polina Anikeeva#

Accounts of Chemical Research 51 (4), 829–838, March 21 (2018).

5. Flexible and Stretchable Nanowire-Coated Fibers for Optoelectronic Probing of Spinal Cord Circuits

Chi Lu*, Seongjun Park*, Thomas J. Richner, Alexander Derry, Imogen Brown, Chong Hou, Siyuan Rao, Jeewoo Kang, Chet T. Moritz, Yoel Fink, Polina Anikeeva#

Science Advances 3 (3), e1600955, March 29 (2017).

4. One-Step Optogenetics with Multifunctional Flexible Polymer Fibers

Seongjun Park, Yuanyuan Guo, Xiaoting Jia, Han Kyoung Choe, Benjamin Grena, Jeewoo Kang, Jiyeon Park, Chi Lu, Andres Canales, Ritchie Chen, Young Shin Yim, Gloria B. Choi, Yoel Fink, Polina Anikeeva#

Nature Neuroscience 20 (4), 612-619, February 20 (2017).

3. Effects of Cervical Extension on Deformation of Intervertebral Disk and Migration of Nucleus Pulposus

Yoon-Ho Kim, Sung-In Kim, Seongjun Park, Sung Hwan Hong, Sun Gun Chung#

PM&R 9 (4), 329-338, September 6 (2016).

2. Thermally Drawn Fibers as Nerve Guidance Scaffolds

Ryan A. Koppes, Seongjun Park, Tiffany Hood, Xiaoting Jia, Negin A. Poorheravi, Anikumar H. Achyuta, Yoel Fink, Polina Anikeeva#

Biomaterials, 81, 27-35, December 2 (2015).

1. Optogenetic Control of Nerve Growth

Seongjun Park, Ryan A. Koppes, Ulrich P. Froriep, Xiaoting Jia, Anilkumar H. Achyuta, Bryan L. McLaughlin, Polina Anikeeva#

Scientific Reports 5, 9669, May 18 (2015).

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